Q: What should I expect from one of your courses?

A: We at Sex Ed in the City believe that the best way to fully grasp a new concept is to learn it, understand it, watch it, and then practice it. All of our courses begin with a “lecture” portion where one of our instructors will discuss a concept in a classroomesque setting. Following the lecture, there is a period of time for discussions and questions that folks might have. Many courses then have a live demo where two or more of the instructors will demonstrate techniques and concepts from the earlier lecture. Finally, students are sent home with “homework” either a verbal assignment or, often, a handout so that couples can have a visual reminder of concepts covered.

Q: How many people are allowed in the courses?

A: All our courses are designed for small groups; they have been created for couples and singles and most include a live demo or a hands-on component.

Q: Who typically comes to your classes?

A: Our classes sizes are small and made up of couples and singles, women and men of all ages and sexual persuasions and experiences. For some, this will be their first time at an adult Sex Ed class and for others, they may be doing the ‘full course’ of all 25 classes.

Q: Do I have to have a partner to come?

A: Not at all. Singles, both men, and women can feel safe and welcome. Many of our singles have partners or ‘friends with benefits’ but choose to come on their own for personal reasons.

Q: We’ve been having sex for a very long time. Do my partner and I really need this?

A: We aim to create an interactive learning environment that allows partners to open a dialogue on what might have previously been a difficult topic. No matter your experience level, there is always something to learn and interesting ways to mix things up in the bedroom…or expand upon foreplay.

Q: Do I need to bring anything to the class?

A: All that is required of people to bring is an open mind, a positive attitude, and any questions you may have.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Most of our participants follow the “Smart Casual” dress code. You should be comfortable but still, try and look nice. For ladies, really there are no rules but aim for a degree of polish. Flats or heels are acceptable. Gentlemen typically wear denim, chinos or suit pants with a shirt or dressed-up T-shirt.

Q: How long should I expect to be there?

A: Most of our Taster classes are between one and one and a half hours long. Our Masterclasses run approximately four to four and a half hours long. If you choose to, you may pay the entry fee and stay at the club and make a night of it! Our Secret Spot is open until 3 AM.

Q: Will you try and sell me anything?

A: Absolutely not. There is never any pressure to buy anything more.

Q: Some of your classes take place at a swinger’s club and we aren’t swingers! Will this be an issue?

A: Not at all. Our Sex Ed in the City sessions takes place before the club is open to the public. No matter your lifestyle, sexuality, or relationship, you are welcome to come to come to our sessions without any judgment or pressure. Our intent is to inform not convert.

Q: Will refreshments be provided?

A: We always have a bottle of bubbly open for our guests. Also available are soft drinks, juices, and water. If you would like anything else please feel free to bring your beverage of choice.