About Us

Sex Ed in the City is a team of educators focused on helping couples and singles enhance their relationships through the safe and comfortable exploration of sex and sexual issues.

The self help section of libraries and book shops have an extensive list of books written about every aspect of sex; and the internet has made access to personal improvement videos is easier than ever.  We at Sex Ed in the City believe that the best way to fully grasp a new concept is to learn it, understand it, watch it, and then practice it.

All our courses are designed for small groups, most are designed for couples and singles and most courses include a live demo.  It’s in this interactive learning environment that couples can form an opinion or start what might have been a difficult conversation with each other.  Singles, both men and women can feel safe and welcome.  Many of our singles have partners or ‘friends with benefits’ but choose to come on their own for personal reasons.

Sex Ed in the City promotes safe sex and embraces LGBTQI equality.

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Who are we?  Great question!

Mis Jif:

MisJif believes that the world would be a better place if the art of lovemaking was treated with the same reverence as gastronomy; if adding spice to the bedroom was considered a journey and not a destination.  The best recipe for wellbeing involves creating dynamic and intimate relationships.  
As a sex educator, therapist, presenter, and sex aficionado MisJif has an abundance of experience teaching adult education around the world.  In Canada she planned a number of charity events to raise awareness around sexual health, and while in Australia she has been actively involved in a national charity that connects sex workers and people with disabilities. 
She is an expert of Somatic Sexology and the complexities surrounding sexual health.
In her off time when she isn’t teaching, studying, writing or doing charity work, she is often found on the move jogging around the neighbourhood or laughing at an open mic comedy night.  She is convinced she is a tall lady trapped in a short lady’s stilettos!

Angela (Mrs. Atom):


Bradford (Mr. Atom):

Angela and Bradford host By the Bi, a podcast weaving bisexuality, open relationships, swinging, and marriage into a happy and healthy partnership.  By the Bi promotes “promiscuity with permission “.  Topics include jealousy, open relationships, adventurous sex, and more….with a raw, honest, and fun attitude while addressing challenges and the creative ways to tackle them.

Angela and Bradford bring a wealth of knowledge and experience regarding swinging, open relationships, and sexuality to the Sex Ed in the City team, bringing these topics to the forefront and opening conversations between couples and friends.

When not spreading sexy sexiness, they’re often enjoying bourbon (as all good Southerners from the US do!), playing board games, or adventuring outdoors…particularly when nudity is involved 😉 .